OPINION: It's time to stop this clown craze

I LOVE Halloween and I understand better than anyone the appeal of getting dressed up, enjoying being a little bit spooked and scared and generally having a good time.

But this clown craze is a bit beyond the pale.

This bizarre trend is a waste of police resources and has caused great unrest in our communities.

It could also result in some of these clowns getting a criminal record.

They may think what they are doing is just a laugh, but it can have serious consequences.

What is your view on the clown craze?

This poll ended on 12 October 2016.

Current Results

It's harmless fun - it'll be over soon anyway


It's a little bit scary but I'm okay with it


It could hurt someone so they should wind it down


It's stupid - get over it already


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

On Saturday it occurred to me that what is happening on our community is probably happening in Cessnock, where my elderly grandmother lives.

Sure enough, I checked Facebook and there were three clown-related social media pages devoted to the so-called "purge".

I called her immediately and told her that if anyone knocked on her door late at night, to check who it was before answering.

I said if it was a clown, to call police immediately.

I wanted to prepare her, because if my grandmother opened the door to a creepy clown, I hate to think how terrified she would be.

This is hurting other people, so it's time to stop this foolish behaviour.

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