Police Minister Jack Dempsey.
Police Minister Jack Dempsey. Mike Knott

Dempsey discusses road safety at conference

THE horrors experienced on Queensland roads are in the spotlight this week, as a major safety conference heads into its final day today.

Police Minister Jack Dempsey - an ex-police officer himself - opened the two-day event on Thursday morning in Brisbane, drawing on his experiences as a man of the law.

Mr Dempsey described how his two decades in blue meant he saw the damage done by a moment of inattention, a car driving a touch too fast or a drunk behind the wheel.

The current Queensland road tolls sits at 184, seven more than at the same time last year.

It is also seven beyond the previous five-year average.

The minister pointed to the government's record of toughening car impound laws and encouraging communities to own up to the role they play in road safety.

More than 18 sessions ran in parallel - six speeches at a time - on Thursday, with the same to be repeated today.

The final day will begin with American expert Dr Ruth Shults, a specialist in researching in how drinking, seat belts and youth can effect driving behaviour.

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