Jail for 'sick, perverted' man

WALKING into Gympie District Court, Marc Troybine looked like any other ordinary man.

But what does a pervert look like?

Troybine, an average-looking 44-year-old from Maryborough, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to three charges of indecently dealing with children under 12 years old.

Dressed in prison browns, Troybine faced the court after four months in pre-sentence custody for exposing himself to three children in Big W on July 11.

Crown Prosecutor Alex Stark said Troybine travelled to Gympie for the purpose of exposing himself to children and listed a number of similar convictions dating back to 1996 on the defendant’s criminal history.

“To avoid recognition in his local area, (Troybine) would travel to other places ... to find children alone he could masturbate in front of,” he said, listing the toy section of Target in Morayfield and the Caboolture Library as some of the locations where Troybine had gone to expose himself to children.

Mr Stark said that when police interviewed Troybine about the Caboolture offence he told them he was not a paedophile but did gain sexual gratification from his behaviour.

The court heard that on every occasion, Troybine would hold his penis outside his shorts and stroke it in front of small children who had wandered away from their guardians.

Gympie District Court heard that Marc Rudika Troybine chose to masturbate in front of female children because an adult would ridicule him and would be more likely to alert authorities.

On July 11 he drove from Maryborough to Gympie and hung around in Big W for three hours, watching and waiting for a chance to expose himself in front of girls on their own.

He found his first victims – two sisters, aged 10 and 7, in the clothing department and another girl, 9, in the toy section.

The children told their parents, who alerted security and Troybine was arrested by Gympie police.

Gympie District Court Judge Walter Tutt said Troybine’s actions were deliberate and pre-meditated because he travelled to Gympie for the purpose of exposing himself to children.

“A more striking example of a sick and perverted mind is hard to imagine,” he said, adding that Troybine was a person who needed continual professional help.

Troybine was sentenced to two years in jail to be eligible for parole after eight months.

With 134 days in custody deemed time already served, Troybine will be eligible for parole in March 2010.

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