County music singer songwriter Jasmine Rae.
County music singer songwriter Jasmine Rae. Contributed by Universal Music

Jasmine Rae to play intimate new music at Muster

JASMINE Rae isn't afraid to get personal with her fans.

The petite country music singer has penned her most intimate songs to date for her new album If I Want To.

The Melbourne singer songwriter will play some of her new songs for the first time live at the Gympie Muster on Friday.

There are break-up songs, girl-power anthems, like the title track If I Want To, and a touching tribute to Rae's late father.

"The one I wrote for him is called First Song," she said.

"There are some other tracks on there that I wrote not necessarily about him but during a time where I was helping to care for him when he was really sick.

"You learn things about yourself, and I needed to write about them. The song Just Don't Ask Me How I Am, which I will be performing at the Muster, is a more general songs about harder times."

Rae isn't worried about how her new material will be received. She says the Muster crowd is one of the most supportive in the country.

"I love Gympie; it's got a really supportive vibe," she said.

"I do a cover of Top of the World by Patty Griffin. It's a really raw-sounding emotional song and the first time I ever played it at a festival was Gympie Muster. It was pouring rain and I expected people to be like 'it's a slow one, I'll get out of the rain' but they're on the journey with you.

"Even if it's raining they'll stick with you through it and party on."

Twelve of the album's 13 tracks are originals co-written by Rae with a diverse range of songwriting partners including Nashville's Bob DePiero and Australia's McAlister Kemp and Allan Caswell.

Rae recorded the album in Nashville with producer Luke Wooten, the man behind Dierks Bentley's Home and Kellie Pickler's 100 Proof.

"It was our first time working together and I was crapping my pants just slightly," she laughed.

"A lot of the songs were just my voice and an acoustic guitar on my iPhone, so I no idea how they were going to turn out.

"He was just the greatest. Working from raw demos we created our own sound. We weren't influenced with how it was created on the demo track."

The result is a "bluesier feel" compared to Rae's previous two albums.

"It's the most exciting feeling having a new album out," she said.

"It's like your small child out there."

Jasmine Rae plays the Main Stage at the Gympie Muster on Friday at 3.15pm.

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