Jeff Horn and trainer Glenn Rushton.
Jeff Horn and trainer Glenn Rushton.

Horn’s racing to slim down for title bout

JEFF Horn will put his body through a dramatic weight loss regimen starting on Monday in order to lose 5kg ahead of the weigh-in for his world welterweight title defence against Gary Corcoran at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Wednesday night.

Horn must be 66.68kg or lighter at the weigh-in on Tuesday. He was 73kg at the start of the week but is used to dropping close to 5kg in 24 hours leading up to a fight.

He used the same pre-fight schedule for his July 2 win over Manny Pacquiao.

Two days before the Pacquiao fight, Horn was 5kg over the weight limit. Still, he ate eggs and avocado on toast for breakfast, a small wrap at lunchtime and a small Caesar salad to ward off the hunger at 5pm.

The night before the weigh-in he had his last training session with coach Glenn Rushton - four rounds of pads, two rounds of shadow boxing and two rounds of skipping to commence the dehydration process. He wore a sweat suit made from a fabric that doesn't breathe.

The session helped him lose about 1.5kg. He had no dinner or water after working out and lost more than 500g while he slept.

At 7.30 on the morning of the weigh-in and wearing just underwear, he jumped into a bath full of steaming hot water to sweat off more than two kilos as he had done for previous fights in Brisbane.

He spent 55 minutes topping up the hot water until he felt poached.

With hundreds of cameras whirring and the battle with the scales being beamed around the world from Suncorp Stadium, he weighed in at 66.35kg, well inside the limit, and did a muscle flex before gulping down a sports drink.

He had lost 4.6kg in just 15 hours. Some of the media commented that he looked gaunt and drained but Horn knew that after rehydrating and fuelling up on carbohydrates that day the only thing he would be starving for would be victory.

Despite the rapid weight loss Horn said he felt as "strong as a bull against Pacquiao'' and it is a weight-reduction scenario he has gone through since his first amateur fight nine years ago.

"I like to stay heavy in training and then go through just one day of discomfort to make the weight,'' Horn said.

"It's worked every time and I'm confident it will work again this time against Gary Corcoran.''

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