Jobs are disappearing on the Fraser Coast


Jobs are disappearing

AS THE dust on an election where every candidate was promising more jobs, I have to agree with R Henderson (FCC 27/11) and his/her observations about graduates in the Bundy area.

The same situation is present in Maryborough and every town in Queensland.

There are no more jobs!

Historically there has been approximately 40% unemployment, in years gone by, it was women at home being mothers and wives. As society has changed shape, so has the world of employment.

There are very few lower skills jobs available, and it seems Aussies won't do them anyhow.

The jobs that are available are in such areas as high-level technology, trades, personnel and medical services and of course, coffee shops!!

Even retail is gradually being overtaken by self service centres, so those jobs are diminishing.

What we need to do is teach people how to cook, budget, garden, parent and do basic home maintenance, so they can be kept gainfully occupied and manage better on the benefits that are available.

As solutions are sought we need to remember that "If everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking."



Is nothing sacred?

2018 Australia Day's traditional "Hottest 100" songs playing on Melbourne's "Hot JJJ Radio", will be moved to January 27th instead.

Apparently 60+% of listeners have voted to change the date from 26th, so as not to offend.

Two-thirds of the nation had voted in favour of "same-sex" marriage in the recent survey, now a similar majority has displayed support of the January 27 change.

This means one third of those surveyed do not support change.

There are subtle forces at play which will have Australians bow to pressure to simply desert old traditions for a new world order.

Politicians not in favour of such revolutionary change soon lose traction.

What happens to our traditional values and customs, simply discarded as "old hat" ?

Is nothing sacred?



Beating unemployment stats one resume at a time

premium_icon Beating unemployment stats one resume at a time

A local employment agency is trialling a program.

REVEALED: Hervey Bay renters struggle to pay bills

premium_icon REVEALED: Hervey Bay renters struggle to pay bills

Maryborough has just escaped being deemed a housing stress area.

Man hit by a car in Maryborough

Man hit by a car in Maryborough

He suffered injuries to his face and leg.

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