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John Boyega can't reason with racists

JOHN Boyega doesn't think he can combat racist attitudes with "logical conversation".

The 23-year-old actor has a lead role in the J.J. Abrams-directed 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and has admitted to being bemused by the reaction to his casting, with some fans bemoaning the fact a black man had been handed a major part in the film.

John, who appears in the role of Finn, said: "I don't know where those mentalities come from, as I wasn't raised like that. I can't involve myself in that mentality. For most of us it's weird, it's strange."

The Brit - who stars alongside Daisy Ridley in the new sci-fi movie - admitted there's no point trying to reason with people who are unwilling to listen to logic.

He told the Sunday Times newspaper: "You can't address [people who think like that] with a logical conversation.

"If someone says, 'Boble-looka chobla' to you, it's so hard to respond ... There's no debate as to why they think that way, and giving people like that a platform is green-lighting that mentality to be normal. And it's not a normal thing to think like that."

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