Josh Dugan shares sad troll's tattoo letter

NRL star Josh Dugan has shared a letter he received from a sad troll over his famously inked skin.

The St George Illawarra fullback has received strong support from fans for "laughing off" the posted "fan mail" without responding to the detractor.

Dugan has previously let social media critics get to him. The 26-year-old famously lost a contract with the Brisbane Broncos in 2013 after responding to a disgruntled Raiders fan by telling him to "end yourself".

However, his response to this latest fan criticism has won respect from many Dragons fans on social media.

Josh Dugan’s body art.
Josh Dugan’s body art. News Corp Australia

Dugan posted an image on his private Instagram account, revealing he was sent a letter by a person attacking his character.


"You tattoed f***ing wanker," the letter read all in capital letters.

"You look like the biggest goose out! And as far as sounding like one... it's an insult to a goose! F*** off to (sic) Frnce c***, we don't need you or respect you... Maybe get normal and remove the s*** on your body."

The NSW State of Origin star said on Twitter he had received lots of support from Dragons faithful.

News Corp Australia

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