The Fitzroy Hotel,
The Fitzroy Hotel, "Floatel", looks to live up to its nickname as flood waters start to rise on the Depot Hill local.Photo Amber Hooker / The Morning Bulletin Amber Hooker

Kicked out of home at 45, bailed to 'float-el'

A MAN with a 15-page criminal history has been granted bail to a Rockhampton hotel after his elderly parents kicked him out.

In an unusual move, Magistrate Phillipa Beckinsale granted the bail application made on Jason Scott Bellert's behalf to live in a room at the infamous Fitzroy Hotel - otherwise known at the 'float-el'.

Bellert, 45, charges include wilful damage and breach of bail, along with others.

As he sat in the dock yesterday with a torn t-shirt, Bellert repeatedly interjected proceedings as Ms Beckinsale asked questions of defence lawyer Wynnita Ludwick and police prosecutor Jess King.

Ms Beckinsale said she was concerned about allowing Bellert bail to a hotel, particularly one where he has carried out three alleged offences.

The court heard Bellert had no other bail address options.

"We may actually be approaching a point where the risk of reoffending outweighs spending too much time in custody," Ms King said.

The court heard the hotel owner was willing to give Bellert one more chance.

"This is highly irregular," Ms Beckinsale said.

"This is your last chance."

Ms Beckinsale placed new conditions on his bail, including reporting once a week to police.

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