Kicking up a stink over rubbish site

THE ODOUR knocks you back a couple of steps and the mess makes you turn your nose up in disgust, yet nothing has been done to clean up rubbish overflowing from a bin at a site occupied by Apex Hervey Bay.

Point Vernon resident Nathan Marais says he noticed the rubbish about two months ago and says it has been getting worse. Yesterday it was still there.

“It's disgusting,” he said.

“It reeks of rotting meat; there are rubbish bags and beer bottles everywhere.”

There is also an old rusting caravan on the Tavistock Street site and a van, with a smashed window and broken door lock, that is hooked up to the Apex shed's electricity.

Mr Marais believes it poses a child safety and hygiene problem and wants it cleaned up by Apex or the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Apex Hervey Bay president Mark Blyth was aware the bin was full but did not think it was as bad as what Mr Marais had described.

He said the group was still using the caravan, although it had not been used for some time.

As for the van, it had been broken into about a month ago and would soon be fixed.

Mr Blyth said council officers emptied the bin about once a week but he had noticed it had not been done for the past two. He has not made any calls to the council, however has promised to chase up the problem.

A council spokesperson said the bins were owned by Apex and under the lease agreement they were the group's responsibility.

Mr Marais disagrees: “Council should be stepping in and saying it's not on. Even if it is not the council's responsibility to clean it they should be instigating a report.

“It's an absolute atrocity; it needs to be burnt.”

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