Kids leg burnt at beach by campfire

RAINBOW Beach lifeguard Liam Toohey was the first aider who helped Grace Hagley when her foot was horribly burnt in the covered fire near the flagged swimming area last week.

The accident, which happened about 2pm last Friday, has prompted Gympie Regional Council to "clamp down on fires" on the beach, Liam said on Thursday.

"They will be erecting signs which say fires are prohibited on the beach and the fine for lighting a fire will be $590," he said.

"It's good to see the council being proactive."

Liam got Grace to a spot where he could keep cool water running over the burn until medics arrived.

"It was really bad," he said.

"Anyone who does light a fire should, at least, put it out before they leave."

The incident comes just days after Fraser Coast fire fighters reminded residents to be vigilant with campfire safety during the Christmas holidays.

Volunteers from the Dundowran Rural Fire Brigade performed a demonstration showing the difference between putting a fire out with sand compared to using the correct method of water.

During the demonstration temperatures in the fires rose to between 700C and 900C. However, the campfire which was extinguished with wet sand still had places which recorded temperatures in the 300C range ten minutes after the fire was covered.

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