World scooter champ Dakota Schuetz to teach our juniors

IT IS not often a world champion sportsperson comes to town, let alone teaches Fraser Coast juniors face-to-face.

Rock Off Indoor Park will make history when four-time world champion Dakota "Kota" Schuetz runs two of his "Kota Kamps" at Hervey Bay this weekend.

This will be the first time Schuetz has brought his Kota Kamps to Australia, and Hervey Bay's junior riders have the first opportunity to rub shoulders with the champion.

Scooter has only recently been officially recognised as a sport, and Schuetz has been able to watch it grow from the start.

"I've been in the freestyle scooter industry since the beginning and it is awesome to see how far we have come as a sport so far and the future looks great," he said.

"I think it is very cool to be a part of a new sport."

Schuetz was initially a skateboarder, but made the transition after seeing someone execute tricks that blew his mind.

He grew from there to world champion status, and while Schuetz still seeks success on the global stage, he said he was more focussed on helping the next generation.

"One morning I went to San Clemente (California) skatepark on my skateboard and I saw a rider named Twan doing things I never thought were possible on a scooter," he said.

"So I went home and found my scooter and brought it to the park the next day.

"I still have many goals, but they are different.

"Initially, I wanted to win competitions and become the best rider in the World.

"Now that I have accomplished those goals, I feel it is my job/duty to give back and help the sport grow to where it deserves to be."

 More information, including tickets and camp schedules, can be found at

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