Aiden, 10, saves mum's life after medication reaction

AT JUST 10 years of age, Aiden Parish is already a hero.

Thanks to knowing how to dial for emergency services, Aiden was able to save his mum Michelle's life after she suffered an adverse reaction to prescription medication in their Urraween home.

Michelle went to bed at 10pm last Wednesday.

By 11pm, her neighbours heard loud noises coming from Michelle's house.

At 3am Aiden awoke to see his mum sitting on the floor, picking at the carpet.

Seeing she could barely stand, he knew something was gravely wrong and used his mum's mobile phone to dial 000.

As a single mum, Michelle had taught Aiden and his sister Caitlyn, 8, that it was possible to dial 000 even if her mobile phone was locked.

An ambulance arrived and Michelle was taken to the resuscitation unit. Her parents, who live in Point Vernon, were also contacted and they picked up the children.

Michelle woke the next morning in hospital, unable to remember anything from the night before from the time she had gone to bed.

She said the incident had taught her a valuable lesson about being careful with prescription medication.

She said she also hoped that her story would make other parents aware of the importance of teaching their children how to get in touch with emergency services.

Michelle said she believed the outcome could have been much worse had it not been for the quick-thinking actions of her son.

"I'm so proud of him," she said.

"He saved my life."

Michelle has made a full recovery and is back at work.

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