Latest crash reinforces the dangers on the roads

EDITORIAL: It is a chilling sight.

Wreckage from multiple vehicles strewn over the road.

Emergency workers cutting a driver from a twisted mess only barely recognisable as a vehicle.

A helicopter waiting to rush a critically injured young woman to hospital.

All on a busy road many of us have travelled hundreds of times.

Anyone who has lived in this area long enough will have their tales of the accident that nearly ended their life on the Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd, or which a friend or colleague did not survive. (My own was a near head-on with a drink driver.)

The road is much safer than it has been in the past, but no road is safe enough to rule out accidents, minor or major.

And life is precious.

Some of the hundreds of readers who came to the Chronicle website for updates on the crash began to speculate on the cause of the crash.

That is for the police to investigate.

But whatever the cause, the pictures of the mangled wreckage carry their own story.

Look at them on our website.

You cannot miss their clear, urgent message:

At highway speeds - even without Transport Minister Scott Emerson's dangerous plan to lift some speed limits beyond 100kmh - a split second of lapsed concentration or distraction, whether caused by tiredness or technology - can put you and yours suddenly and irreversibly in harm's way.

Or you could snuff out someone else's life.

Please, take care.

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