Fraser Coast Chronicle mayoral forum at the Hervey Bay RSL - (L) Lee Carter, Steve Coleman, Greg Schmidt, Jannean Dean, Gerard O'Connell and Chris Loft. Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle
Fraser Coast Chronicle mayoral forum at the Hervey Bay RSL - (L) Lee Carter, Steve Coleman, Greg Schmidt, Jannean Dean, Gerard O'Connell and Chris Loft. Photo: Alistair Brightman / Fraser Coast Chronicle Alistair Brightman

Mayoral candidates share views on hot election topics


WHO I AM: I am a schoolteacher, ecologist and primary producer, building an aquaculture facility and my home in Booral.

WHY VOTE FOR ME: I am concerned at the direction that this council has taken us with town planning. I want to rectify the unsustainable development outcomes of flawed planning.

MY KEY PROMISE: I will reset the zoning plan to the zoning plans of the original Maryborough and Hervey Bay City Councils and conduct a transparent public consultation, submissions and review of any proposed zoning changes.

RATES: I will instigate a two-year rate rise pause, in conjunction with a review of rates and town planning zones and the setting of equitable charges for each zoning category, then rate rises with CPI.

SPORTS PRECINCT: No sports precinct.

HERITAGE: No residential construction on Old Maryborough town site, develop as a public park, historical site and archaeological dig

BUSINESS: Core council business is provision of essential services, less contractors and more council workers in all divisions.

FORESHORE: No more foreshore enhancement.

INFRASTRUCTURE: No more council funding of rebates or developer infrastructure.

THE FUTURE: The strength of this area is in its natural assets that attract tourists, retirees, and personnel in the construction and health sectors. If the environmental impacts of development are responsibly considered, this area will continue to thrive.

Who is paying?

Lee Carter is self-funding his own campaign

Lee Carter
Lee Carter Contributed



WHO I AM: I am married with one daughter, successful manager and owner of restaurants, building Co. and motels.

WHY VOTE FOR ME: I am the only candidate who has the strength and leadership skills to unite our wonderful but fragmented region and restore respect, trust, morale and confidence among ratepayers, investors, business and governments. My leadership will rebuild the Fraser Coast's shattered confidence and image. I have clear policies to address jobs, contain rates and reduce fees.

MY KEY PROMISE: Creating jobs for our young with sensible policies, firm leadership, clear direction and councillors united and empowered through an effective committee system that oversees efficiencies, lessens stifling red tape and contains costs.

RATES: No rates increases greater than CPI.

SPORTS PRECINCT: It can only be built with state and federal funds and that won't happen until it has community support.

HERITAGE: Heritage should be preserved and promoted.

BUSINESS: I will focus on encouraging existing businesses and seizing opportunities for new enterprise by making the council more approachable and solution-driven. FORESHORE: Stabilisation first, enhancement second.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Balance provision for the future with capacity to pay in the present.

THE FUTURE: The Fraser Coast's exciting potential has been talked about long enough. I will build a strong, focused team to deliver that bright future.

Who is paying?

Warren Persal is contributing to Steve Coleman's campaign along with Mr Coleman's own money

Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman Contributed


WHO I AM: I was born and raised on the Fraser Coast. My wife Lisa and our family are extremely supportive .

WHY VOTE FOR ME: I am a visionary leader, a third term councillor (two as councillor and one as Mayor)and am university educated in accounting.

RATES: I will continue striking a balance between keeping rates low and the infrastructure investment required to protect our future.

SPORT PRECINCT: The independent committee must be given an opportunity to facilitate candid community comment. After the election, the Sports+ Committee will provide feedback to the new council so that an informed decision can be made.

FORESHORE: I am passionate about turning the Esplanade into a world-class tourism attraction.

HERITAGE: I will continue to revitalise and enhance Maryborough's CBD.

INFRASTRUCTURE: I am dedicated to making our region safer through continued investment in regional infrastructure.

BUSINESS: Undeniably, health is now the biggest employer in our region. I will continue to invest my energy into this area. I support council working closely with Sunshine Coast University and East Coast TAFE as the economic. Benefits of this joint enterprise will be massive.

THE FUTURE: Resuming management of Wide Bay Water has resulted in a $4 million saving to Council. I will urge the new Council to continue delivering on quality infrastructure.

Who is paying?

Gerard O'Connell did not disclose his campaign donors

Gerard O'Connell
Gerard O'Connell Brendan Bufi


WHO I AM: Incumbent councillor, successful local businessman and accountant of 35 years and father of five kids.

WHY VOTE FOR ME: Common sense leadership, back to basics approach and an open and transparent council where the entire community gets their say.

MY KEY PROMISE: Each divisional councillor will be given the opportunity to properly represent their constituents.

RATES: We will freeze rates to the CPI at maximum. If we can do better we will pass it on.

SPORTS PRECINCT: No. We have the land for the future, we need to use what we have first.

HERITAGE: Needs to be a massive marketing push to celebrate our heritage and bring tourists.

BUSINESS: Council needs to stop policing and start listening to what the business community is saying. A one stop shop for all things to do with business creation and expansion is required.

FORESHORE: Money has been well spent, the foreshore is looking great.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Back to basics. Let's get the roads, footpaths, drains, water supply and sewerage sorted before spending on projects that do not produce jobs.

THE FUTURE: Growing agriculture, tourism and establishing an innovation hub.

Who is paying?

The Maryborough Military Museum donated $250

Peter Young donated $250

A donation totalling $300 was received from G Barrie Properties

$5000 was provided by businessman Min Wang

Chris Loft
Chris Loft Alistair Brightman



WHO I AM: I am a woman driven by my passion for all people and not by ego nor by money. I am completely Independent and self-funded. I am very confident in being able to achieve anything I set out to do.

WHY VOTE FOR ME: I am the only mayoral candidate that will truly listen to the people. We may not always agree but everyone will be heard. A vote for me makes you the boss.

MY KEY PROMISE: I pledge to secure a water plan for the future so we can create long term sustainable jobs.

RATES: I would like to put the yearly discount across the four quarterly rates notices, remove the $75 infrastructure fee and reintroduce the $25 environmental levy.

SPORTS PRECINCT: I am strongly opposed.

HERITAGE: I am an advocate for Maryborough Original Township Site and want to stop modern development on this magical site.

BUSINESS: Council needs to reduce, remove or defer fees. We should give every business the opportunity to reinvest the excessive fees into their business and employ more people.

FORESHORE: Reintroduce the five lines of defence to protect our foreshore and infrastructure.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Review the unsustainable town planning.

THE FUTURE: Under my leadership all council representatives' new modus operandi will be to consult the community.

Who is paying?

Jannean Dean is paying for her own campaign

Jannean Dean
Jannean Dean Brendan Bufi


WHO I AM: I am a former farmer, retailer, photographer, spare parts salesman, efficient traffic management designer, economist in road construction and plant operator. I am pedantic with quality.

WHY VOTE FOR ME: I am the only candidate with extensive hands-on savings experience on the larger part of rate budget construction and open areas.

MY KEY PROMISE: I will exhaust every avenue to save money within services and keeping the rates down.

RATES: I will perform as many achievable works and services within council's control; to save extra overheads from outside contractors, will save money.

SPORTS PRECINCT: The sport precinct land requires maintenance to meet council regulation. If successful, along with the new council, review the proposal with the wider public.

HERITAGE: I support heritage sites and program, but will not stand in the way of progress without public support.

BUSINESS: A sharper business tourism promotion budget will continue. There is a wealth of savings within council works and services implementation.

FORESHORE: The foreshore is vital to Hervey Bay's regional retail and tourism industry. I have no intentions of breaching nature with developments above regional affordability.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Additional professional infrastructure constructed or repaired from the savings of council

THE FUTURE: The future is a region with affordable rates, secure stable employment better service products due to sharper economic management

Who is paying?

Greg Schmidt is funding his own campaign

Greg Schmidt
Greg Schmidt

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