Let's just do away with a parliament and vote yes or no

OPINION: At the heart of it, a member of parliament has a pretty simple job.

Talk to the people in your electorate.

Find out how the majority feel on any given issue.

Then, when given the opportunity, represent their views by voting.

I don't understand why we are wasting millions of dollars on a plebiscite on same-sex marriage - especially when by doing so, we are ignoring the perfectly good parliamentary system we already have in place.

If we so urgently need to vote on this issue, then let's do away with parliament in general.

We can waste millions every time a major issue has to be resolved, because if people can cast a vote whether someone else they don't even know has the right to be married, then I demand a plebiscite on abortion so women can have total control of their bodies.

And while we are at it, next time we are considering going to war, I want to cast a vote.

I don't care if I'm not privy to the same foreign intelligence or information that our ministers are when they make such decisions.

It doesn't matter if I'm completely ignorant in matters of national security - I deserve a vote.

Maybe we could become really, super efficient, and it won't need to cost us millions, by voting online or something.

And we could save millions in parliamentary salaries. So that would be something.

Of course to some people the idea of casting a vote on whether someone else should be allowed the same rights as them sounds utterly abhorrent.

Maybe if more of our parliamentarians felt the same and they had the guts to simply make the rights of the gay community align with everyone else's, their jobs wouldn't be obsolete.

Let's face it, the parliamentary system is already questionable.

Not many people in parliament really votes according to their communities - they vote according to what party they are part of.

So maybe it's just as well that we the people will decide.

And I for one will at least have the satisfaction of marking that yes box when my postal vote arrives.

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