LETTER: HMAS Tobruk is already ours

THE Bundaberg Regional Council's proposal to spend $1million of ratepayer's money in an attempt to secure the HMAS Tobruk to sink off the coast, just to satisfy a few scuba divers, is wrong on so many fronts it should be regarded administrative negligence.  

First and foremost this ship doesn't belong to the BRC, or any other council or organisation for that matter.  

Nor does it belong to any state government, or the Federal Government.  

It belongs to the taxpayers of this country.   

They are the ones who bought, paid for and maintained the ship from the time the keel was first laid in 1979.  

And based on that cold hard fact no one has the right to lay claim to this vessel over and above anyone else.   

The only fair and cost effective way to see who gets this now decommissioned ship is to place the names of all interested parties in a hat and the first one drawn out is the winner.  

It should then be up to the Federal Government to pay the costs of moving the ship to its final destination and supervise its scuttling.   

Then, the million dollars the council is so keen to spend catering to a small number of scuba divers, could go to much-needed infrastructure maintenance; including the replacement of the toilet block at the Basin.  

I wonder what tourists and local residents must think about having to use a port-a-potty at this popular family picnic area instead of a fully functional, purpose-built ablution block.   


B Barry  


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