GRANDSTANDING: Hinkler MP Keith Pitt has been accused of being spineless.
GRANDSTANDING: Hinkler MP Keith Pitt has been accused of being spineless. Eliza Goetze

LETTER: Is Keith Pitt spineless?


REGARDING MP ejected over global warming tiff (NM March 31).

Headline was: "Keith Pitt passionately defending the people of North Queensland", accompanied with a very smug photo looking like he has actually achieved something.

Where is that passion when sticking up for middle and working-class families in Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, and all places inbetween?

Stony, stony silence... nothing ... not even an opinion.

One more day and it would have made a great April Fool's Day joke.

You cannot argue with the passion of Greens MP Adam Bandt in fighting for what he believes in, albeit the timing was bad, but at least he is fighting.

Keith Pitt described Mr Bandt with words such as "political point-scoring, political grandstanding, appalling, unacceptable, disgraceful, people are suffering, and I always stand up for the people I represent".

Why wasn't Keith Pitt "appalled" at the changes to the racial discrimination act, which everyone agrees will weaken the law, not make it stronger?

Why wasn't he "passionately defending" pensioners when his government made cruel cuts to the most vulnerable of people in the Hinkler electorate?

Where is his compassion when it comes to making people work until they are 70.

Tradespeople, bricklayers, labourers, nurses etc.

He is obviously out of touch with the older members of our society and working and middle-class families in the Hervey Bay and Bundaberg areas.

Keith Pitt obviously finds it acceptable to raise the retirement age and cut the pensions of people who have worked all of their lives, believing in a promise by government that they will be well looked after in their later years.

He talks about supporting the people of Queensland.

Is he "supporting" the retail workers, hospitality staff, hairdressers and fast food workers whose wages are getting slashed due to the cuts in penalty rates that he voted for?

Does he even understand the "suffering" these people are experiencing?

Does he get booted out of Parliament standing up for these people in his own back yard?

Does he find this appalling, disgraceful, unacceptable?

And it is really sad that we have such a spineless MP representing us, the people of Hinkler.

Keith Pitt needs to stand up for the people of Hinkler but he doesn't have an opinion on the more pressing issues that affect us, the people of his own electorate.

At the last election he promised so much.

Promised "jobs and growth". This along with most of his "pork barrelling" promises has failed to appear.

Where is:

$500,000 for Bundaberg Netball towards the Bundaberg Super Park;

$900,000 for a commercial laundry at IMPACT Community Services;

$12,500 to provide lighting for Jack Norgate Oval at Burnett Heads;

$300,000 for a hydrotherapy pool to be built in Childers;

$200,000 Burrum Bridge feasibility study.

It took a letter to the editor from John Santalucia demanding he get his act together and deliver his "promise" and carry out a feasibility study on the bridge over the Burrum.

He talks about passion.

He talks about political grandstanding and political points-scoring.

He just has to look in the mirror.


Svensson Heights

Dead is dead

IT SEEMS strange that our intrepid leaders are quite happy to participate in the deaths of millions of people using guns, rockets, drones and bombs in the mindless, endless Middle East conflicts but scream blue murder when some unnamed force uses chemicals for the same purpose.

The victims are just as dead and their families and friends just as horrified regardless the methods employed by all the participants in this appalling endless conflict.


Elliott Heads

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