LETTERS: Don't force fluoride on us

Don't force fluoride on the population

THIS is not about fluoride, rather it's about our right to choose how we live.

Does the community have the right to force the ingestion of a substance many of us don't want and don't need?

Fluoride won't stop tooth decay any more than a reduction in our sugar intake and good oral hygiene will.

Do you think fluoride should be added to the Fraser Coast's water supply?

This poll ended on 09 November 2018.

Current Results

Yes, it's long overdue


No, we don't need it


It should go to a public vote


I don't know enough to decide


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The fact is for every expert who lauds fluoride there is one who decries it!

No, not really surprising this is normal when it comes to experts.

If people really want to ingest fluoride there are many ways they can do so, without the need to enforce their will on the rest of us.

The 'right' to mass medicate is a slippery slope which leads, who knows where?



Why should we trust medical experts?

THESE medical experts that are coming to discuss the fluoride issue must have an agenda for promoting that fluoride is good for teeth and healthy to put in our water.

Sorry to disappoint all you believers in the "so-called benefits of fluoride" but those who think its good should ask themselves "how is it good?"

Fluoride is a toxic poison that has to be carefully put into water at very small amounts so as to not over fluoridate the public water system, if larger amounts are present, which can happen, people with certain illnesses suffer as a result.

Medical experts! I do not trust their opinions, they have their reasons for reinstating fluoride in Queensland councils.

Contrary to popular belief, I believe teeth have been shown to receive no benefit from it, fluorosis is white spots on teeth as a result of too much fluoride, and it also settles in joints of both humans and animals.

People get enough from their toothpaste to keep them happy.

Mr Everard, please think very carefully before you act.


Fraser Coast

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