LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Salaries should be cut


Salaries should be cut

IT WOULD be very interesting to see the results of a public poll.

The question being - does the general public think politicians should have there salaries cut in half, their perks removed and finally whatever age a politician leaves government they have to wait till they turn 67 years before they receive a pension and the pension becomes the same amount as everyone else.

Because quite frankly I'm sick to the teeth of these people who we call politicians hitting normal people with more costs to make life harder.


Innes Park


No complaints

TO SPEND $50 MILLION for a sports field seems a bit over the top to me, but I thought the money spent on the water park was a bit over the top too until I see on a daily basis how many kids revel in it.

But I want to hear no complaints from Maryborough residents who can afford to spend $2 million on a park commemorating a bloke no one has ever heard of and has no practical purpose whatsoever.




Choose wisely

I HAVE read in your paper that Anne Maddern is thinking of putting herself forward as the Mayor of the Fraser Coast.

Bring on the elections.

Her interest has opened the door to a more transparent running of this divided and most intrusive council ever to be elected in this area.

We the electorate voted out the last council, except one escaped to be the Mayor.

We need good councillors, you have that God-given right.

Chose well and bring this region together again.




Too much pride

THERE HAS been much jubilation by the leaders that gathered at Paris when they signed the agreement to "save" the planet.

The haughtiness displayed by them is quite astounding.

Imagine being able to limit the food of plants: carbon dioxide.

What happens when a volcano blows its top and spews CO2 into the atmosphere.

Never mind those minor details, for the moment the nations are on a high over this one.

Too bad they couldn't agree on establishing peace on earth.

What is going to happen when things don't work out the way they hope it will, and in a short time it's revealed that the Green religion hasn't delivered the goods?

In the end they will find that they don't have the power to alter climate, and puny man will find he has no power over the forces of nature no matter how conceited he is.

Pride goeth before destruction and in Paris we have seen the pride of the nations on display.


Glen Aplin

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