Disqualified driver lied to police

AFTER disqualified driver Noeleen Marian Shaw lied to police about shifting a car, she found herself having to tell more lies just to cover her tracks.

The Toogoom woman's web of deceit came undone when the person she had asked to cover for her came out and told police the truth.

Shaw had moved the vehicle on September 5, after the driver had been taken away by police.

She later told the officers a friend had driven the car, and then changed her story to involve a friend of a friend.

The lie came back to bite her when the person whose name and contact details she gave to police also turned out to be unlicensed.

"The lie, yes, it did get out of hand," Shaw admitted in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court.

She appeared on a charge of disqualified driving, but police took no further action in relation to her deceit.

Shaw told the court that when her driver was taken away by police for a traffic offence, it was about 8.40pm and she was left alone on a dark road.

She had told the police she was unlicensed and promised to make other arrangements to get the vehicle home.

But instead of calling for someone to pick her up, Shaw noted that the keys had been left in the car so she decided to drive it home herself.

"I made the decision to drive because I was scared not to," she told the court.

Police later went to her address and noticed the car in the driveway.

They saw that the seat had been shifted forward and questioned Shaw as to who had driven the vehicle.

She became agitated with their questions and then got muddled, changing her story.

When police caught up with Shaw's nominated driver he told them she had called several times and asked that he cover for her. But he had told her he was unlicensed.

When police went back to arrest Shaw, she became hysterical.

Shaw said she felt upset and scared when police tried to take her to the station and admitted that she had indeed become hysterical.

She was fined $750 for the offence and disqualified from driving for two years.

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