That's the word councillor Rolf Light used to describe Wednesday's council meeting at the Maryborough City Hall.

Following the meeting, Cr Light told the Chronicle he remains doubtful that the 11 councillors and the CEO could move forward just one week after the State Government warned the Fraser Coast Regional Council to stop squabbling or risk getting the sack.


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"Someone's got to go," Cr Light said.

"Today was embarrassing for the region.

"It can't be doing anything for economic opportunities and growth on the Fraser Coast.

A security officer was called in to ensure orderly conduct of the meeting due to a community protest organising outside the Council chambers.


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The controversy seems to only continue with councillor Stuart Taylor revealing that mayor Chris Loft had access to the CEO's emails for far longer than the original time frame outlined by the mayor.

Following Wednesday's council meeting, Cr Taylor confirmed that the mayor had access to the emails of CEO Lisa Desmond for roughly four weeks between May 19 and June 23, in stark contrast to Cr Loft's original claim of having access for "about a week."

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Cr Taylor said he was briefed from a legal file and an internal council email confirming the period.

"From the information I've seen, he certainly requested access," Cr Taylor said.

"I can't comment on who actually authorised the access, but it's still under investigation.

"I'm looking forward to all this being brought out. If you draw the rationale the mayor is using, that he should be able to go and access whenever he wants...that confidentiality doesn't exist."

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