LETTER: Candidate calls for lights at M'boro intersection

LETTER TO EDITOR: Tuesday's four-car crash at the intersection of Alice and Richmond streets was the last straw.

That intersection gets quite busy at times with traffic coming from both the shopping centre and the CBD area. Add to that the volume of traffic including heavy vehicles that use Alice St and the intersection can become quite daunting.

I have had a few close calls travelling along Alice St while in my car and riding my motorbike. Sometimes I find it quicker when leaving the shopping centre to head towards Albert St along Richmond just to avoid that intersection. Traffic lights, as much as I dislike them, could be the only option that will make that intersection much safer and easier to negotiate.

I call upon our Member for Maryborough, Mr Bruce Saunders, to put pressure back on TMR in Brisbane and to secure funding for the upgrade of this notorious intersection.

Darryl Gleich

Candidate Division 4

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