Hervey Bay's resident bruiser, Jarrod Fletcher.
Hervey Bay's resident bruiser, Jarrod Fletcher. Fraser Coast Chronicle

Lights out Richard

YOU may have heard that our sports editor, Richard Harvey, is going to try and fight three rounds with our resident boxing champion Jarrod Fletcher.

As a relative newcomer to the region I assumed that Richard must have had a career in the ring back in his early years.

Otherwise why would you even contemplate stepping into the ring with a highly credentialed pro boxer.

I was wrong, Richard admitted he has had just one fight back when he was 18 years of age. That debut bout had to be stopped when Richard’s opponent split him open with a light jab.

Oh dear, I might have to start looking for a new sports editor.

Richard has the right intentions in wanting to box Fletcher in that he’s hoping to raise funds for the Make a Wish foundation and I am told he has already had support to the tune of around $600.

He did try to sell some sponsorship but the only offer was from a company that wanted to put their name on the soles of his shoes.

The three-round exhibition bout, or should I say massacre, is scheduled to take place at 6pm next Thursday night at the PCYC in Hervey Bay.

Some mates of Richard have organised a barbecue for him this Saturday night, which they are calling the “last supper”. They believe he won’t be able to eat any steak with a wired jaw after Thursday night.

His training for the fight has involved boxing with some local lads. After one 17-year-old sat Harvey down on his butt the boxers have now been told not to hit him back.

Maybe someone should tell that to Fletcher.

The Chronicle is throwing its support behind the charity event and we’ll have a full page poster in Thursday’s paper of Jarrod Fletcher which fans can take along to the PCYC to get him to sign.

The event is a forerunner to Fletcher’s big fight at the PCYC on Saturday, February 27.

On a final note an ambulance, the AGL Action rescue chopper and a team of leading surgeons have all been placed on standby for Thursday night.

Local undertaker Jim Kirk has already called around to see just how Richard measures up.

It’s my role to be the MC for the event; at least I can tell the wife I’ll be home early for dinner.

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