LAW ENFORCERS: More officers have been promised for the QPS by the LNP
LAW ENFORCERS: More officers have been promised for the QPS by the LNP Photo Tom Threadingham / Gatton

LNP promises more police for Queensland's crime hot spots

AN EXTRA 535 more police officers will be deployed to regional Queensland crime hot spots should the LNP win government next week.

The Chronicle can reveal State Opposition leader Tim Nicholls will make the announcement today.

"These additional frontline officers form part of the LNP's commitment to provide police with the resources they need to keep Queenslanders safe," Mr Nicholls said.

"Queenslanders are less safe under Annastacia Palaszczuk because she has absolutely no plan to deal with skyrocketing crime rates, except to give criminals free passes."


LNP Shadow Police Minister Tim Mander said the Queensland Police Service had been crying out for more resources to deal with skyrocketing crime rates and combat the ever-increasing threat of criminal gangs.

He said the extra officers would help reduce crime rates across the state.

"Queenslanders want a government that will keep their streets and communities safe, not one that favours criminals over victims and families," Mr Mander said.

Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen said more police officers were needed in Hervey Bay to help officers deal with the workload.

"I need to talk to the police around here and ask them what sort of numbers they are short on," Mr Sorensen said.

"The police are doing a great job, but they can't keep working overload all the time.

"I do want a portion of those officers."

Mr Sorensen said it was a major priority to meet the region's growing numbers.

"Hervey Bay is a tourist town, so it's important we keep down those crime statistics as much as possible.

"A lot of people rely on the tourist industry here, our population is growing all the time and we've got to meet those numbers."

In October, the State Government pledged another 400 officers would be employed across the state over the next four years.

About 11,800 officers are employed full time in the Queensland Police Service.

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