Pieta Morgan at Maroochydore Magistrates Court.
Pieta Morgan at Maroochydore Magistrates Court.

Woman kept ‘locked up with real crims’ family says

FAMILY and friends of a Mapleton woman who believes marijuana should be legal are demanding answers as to how their strong-willed loved one is sitting in jail for two weeks, shoulder-to-shoulder with violent criminals.

Pieta Michelle Morgan, who first fronted court more than a year ago on drug charges when police discovered three cannabis plants in her home, was refused bail yesterday and will remain in custody until her next court date on September 30.

Ms Morgan previously told a magistrate that the charges were illegal and that she would fight all the way.

She believes she has the constitutional right to have marijuana because, according to the Bible, marijuana is an "all seed-bearing plant" given by God as food for mankind.

Outside court yesterday, her supporters, who had missed Ms Morgan's appearance in custody because they were told an incorrect time and court room, were appalled by the decision to hold her for another two weeks.

Ms Morgan was arrested on Saturday for breaching bail and failing to appear in court on September 2.

Her partner Sean O'Connor believes the police had no right to arrest her because she never signed any bail documents.

He said Ms Morgan believes the court, police and government are all foreclosed entities and she is in no way required to appear because she does not answer to corporations.

"Legally, they (police) can't do anything to her. There must be a signature from both parties for it to be a contract but she didn't sign anything," Mr O'Connor said. "They say she is a flight risk. It's just ridiculous.

"She is being made an example of here. She is only sticking up for what she believes in."

The family spent the day yesterday trying to find out where Ms Morgan will be sent for her two-week custody period.

"We thought we'd be seeing her today," Mr O'Connor said.

"It's ridiculous they are keeping her locked away.

"Yes, she had cannabis, but why does she need to be held up in this type of environment next to people who have committed violent crimes?

"There are real criminals here but she's being pulled over the coals because she is not compliant, they're treating her like a hardened criminal."

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