Lost bird needs pigeon tow

A CONFUSED racing pigeon got in a flap the other day when he found himself under attack from aggressive magpies in Hervey Bay.

The disorientated bird, dubbed Homer, was supposed to be home safe and sound in his coop in Caboolture, but somehow he got his flight plan mixed up after being released to race from Maryborough.

Now Homer, with the help of bird lovers from the Scarness Veterinary Surgery, is trying to hatch a plan to get home by car.

Vet nurse Sharon Mackay was able to track down Homer's owner through the Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation.

She said while the vet staff were having a hoot with the playful bird, they wanted to ensure he arrived home safely after his misadventures.

"He needs to hitch a ride, so if anyone's going to the Sunshine Coast they can release him somewhere down there and he'll be able to find his way home," Ms Mackay said.

Homer's owner, Harry Graham, 60, has been racing pigeons since he was a kid.

The Caboolture man sent 20 pigeons out on the weekend but only 19 came back.

"He was probably exhausted and went in the wrong direction," Mr Graham said.

"He's had a bit of a shock.

"If he is rested and well fed over the next few days he should be okay to find his way back.

"Hopefully he gets back because he's one of my better breeding ones."

Not wanting to ruffle anyone's feathers, if Homer can't hitch a ride to Caboolture, Bundaberg will do.

"If someone can get it to the Queensland Racing Pigeon Federation truck in Bundaberg on Saturday, they will bring him back for me," Mr Graham said.

"Otherwise the vet will have to release him in Hervey Bay.

"Those type of pigeons are used to flying 600-700 miles, so from Hervey Bay to here should be nothing for him.

"It's a natural instinct so if he's healthy, if he's not exhausted and not injured, he'll get back," Mr Graham said.

"If comes back, he's a good pigeon, if he doesn't he's not."

If someone wants to help Homer get home, they can contact the Scarness Veterinary Surgery on 4128 2377.

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