Disaster management group: Staying flood safe is up to you

COORDINATOR of the Fraser Coast's disaster management committee Mal Churchill says flood preparedness is the responsibility of residents, not just the government.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council has spent millions of dollars on flood preparation and mitigation projects, including a new $6 million portable flood levee, pump station and water monitors worth $40,000 each, which sends information the Bureau of Meteorology to upload on their website.

But Mr Churchill said it was "not worth much" if people weren't pro-active and prepared for flooding.

"We need to get the message across that now is the time to prepare," Mr Churchill said.

"If you're in a low-lying area, or even if you're not, learn how to find flood information on the Bureau's website, learn how to read the manual gauges and learn what preparations you'll need for your home or business."

He said remaining vigilant about flood preparedness and safety could save your home or your life.

"I know people in the community who were able to keep themselves and their homes safe because they were listening to the radio and were watching the monitors," he said.

"Don't leave it up to us to save you because we might not be there when you need it, you have to be ready when the time comes."

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