Man, 26, with violent past to settle on Fraser Coast

MARYBOROUGH'S men in blue will need to brace themselves next year once a prisoner with a violent history of assaulting police is released into the community.

Nathan Thomas Talbot, 26, has been given three months jail on top of sentences he is already serving because he spat at Corrective Services officers restraining him in a Brisbane prison.

He had refused a pat-down search when he was returning from a workshop in July last year.

Now serving time in Maryborough Correctional Centre, Talbot wants to live on the Fraser Coast with his girlfriend of a few months when he gets parole in January next year.

Crown prosecutor Shelley Francis told Brisbane District Court Talbot had a lengthy history of serious assault, assault and obstructing police - including a previous spitting incident that landed him in a St George court.

She said he was involved in a home invasion at Gatton where he restrained people and punched a woman so another man could see his kids.

Ms Francis said Talbot also had a history of public nuisance offences that were usually coupled with offences against police.

"The Queensland criminal history shows a history of violent behaviour and disregard for authority figures and police officers," she said.

Defence barrister Saul Holt said his client had schizophrenia and was bipolar but was not taking medication for the conditions at the time.

He said multiple prison officers were holding down his client and pushing his face into the ground when he spat out.

Mr Holt said his client had a black eye and blood around his mouth afterwards.

Talbot will complete the jail sentence he is serving in January.

The three-month sentence for the prison spitting incident and 18 months probation for another incident in Toowoomba begin when that ends.

But Judge Brendan Butler gave Talbot immediate parole release so he can seek medical treatment and anger management courses.

"With your history, anything you do now is going to send you to prison," Judge Butler warned.


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