Man on way to new job when he went crazy at KFC

A COURT has heard a man was high on drugs when he threw concrete blocks at the windows of a KFC store.

Dean Michael Khan, 48, pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of public nuisance and two counts of wilful damage in Bundaberg Magistrates Court.

At 10.20pm on Friday, Khan was walking past the KFC store on Bourbong St which was operating at the time.

He hurled concrete blocks at the windows.

He was identified by staff as not working at the restaurant or a customer.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dean Burgess told the court Khan then went to the Caltex service station next door to the KFC.

While he was there, he jumped on top of one of the fuel bowsers and was told to get off.

When he refused to get off police were called.

During the call an alarm went off alerting staff that one of the bowser hoses had been picked up.

One of the operators allowed the fuel to begin flowing before realising it was Khan who was using the bowser.

Khan took the hose and spilt 34 cents worth of petrol onto the bowser before the operator stopped the supply.

He also climbed onto the roof of the business.

Khan's lawyer Lavonda Maloy told the court Khan had used drugs prior to the offending, and was not sober when he incident happened.

Ms Maloy told the court Khan thought people were following him and instead of going across the road to the police station for help, he caused the commotion to attract attention.

She said Khan's drug use was purely recreational.

The court heard Khan was on his way to Townsville where he was supposed to begin work yesterday.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring took into account Khan's plea of guilty and his history.

Khan was ordered to pay a fine of $900 which was referred to SPER.

He is also on bail for other offences which are expected to be heard in Childers Magistrates Court at a later date.

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