Man drove drunk to police station for neighbour complaint

A MAN drove drunk to the Calliope police station to complain about a neighbour dispute at a caravan park after drinking a bottle of vodka.

A police officer spotted John Bircsak stumbling towards the station from his red car at about 2.30pm on May 20 last year.

Police said Bircsak entered the police station reeking of grog, sporting red glazed eyes and rambling about his neighbours at the park he lived in.

When questioned, Bircsak admitted he had consumed a bottle of vodka until the early hours of the morning.

He was driven to the Gladstone police station where police recorded a 0.143% BAC using a breath analysis machine.

A Gladstone magistrate initially dismissed the drink-driving charge on a technicality but that was overturned on appeal in the Gladstone District Court.

Judge Brad Farr said the magistrate's conclusion was "wrong and contrary to the legislation".

He also said Bircsak was "indulging in unreasonable speculation" when he put forward arguments about police trying to manufacture a drink-driving charge and insisting there must be CCTV footage.

Bircsak this week failed to convince the Queensland Court of Appeal justices they should hear his case, which they said comprised letters lacking coherence and littered with irrelevancies.

In a judgment handed down on Friday, they detailed how he again tried to mount the same arguments. His case was dismissed.

He is due to re-appear in the Gladstone Magistrates Court on January 25, where it is expected he will be sentenced.


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