Man lies giving evidence in court

A 33-YEAR-OLD man who lied while giving evidence has been sentenced in the District Court to a 12-month jail term but will be released after spending just two months behind bars.

Judge Julie Ryrie ordered the name of the Maryborough father not be publicised.

Judge Ryrie also ordered the suppression of the place in which the man gave false evidence.

The man gave evidence in May 2007 in relation to his involvement with pseudoephedrine and the production of methyl amphetamine.

During the hearing he was offered privilege for any evidence he provided which might incriminate him, meaning the information would not result in criminal charges being laid against him.

While giving evidence, the man denied ever possessing glassware or chemicals used for the production of speed. He also denied ever being involved in the manufacture of the drug.

However, the day after giving evidence during the examination, police raided his Maryborough home and found laboratory equipment and chemicals.

Commonwealth prosecutor David Kent said police found electronic scales, amphetamines, blister packs of cold and flu medication, a bottle containing a substance which tested positive to amphetamine by-products, scientific heating equipment, a Pyrex measuring beaker and a green reaction vessel.

Several chemicals were also found during the search, including caustic soda and hydrochloric acid.

After several hours of legal discussion, the defendant pleaded guilty to providing false or misleading evidence.

The maximum penalty for the offence is five years in jail and $22,000.

Judge Ryrie sentenced the man to 12 months in jail but he will be released after serving two months on the condition he remain of good behaviour for the next two years.

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