Machete attack victim in coma, defendant loses fingers

A GOLD Coast man who lost three fingers in an alleged machete attack last week that left another man in an induced coma has had his bail application adjourned.

Steven Craig Meeuwssen remains in hospital after an alleged machete attack on a friend of 12 years at Tugun last Wednesday.

The court heard Meeuwssen asked the victim over to his home for help with some people he said were in the house.

Police said allegations were then made about an agreement to purchase a snake before Meeuwssen had an "extreme mental episode".

Meeuwssen allegedly struck the victim on the shoulder, back and head with a machete.

The court heard Meeuwssen lost two fingers and a thumb on one hand and a finger on the other hand during the alleged fight.

He then drove himself to hospital.

The victim was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital in an ambulance and put in an induced coma on Friday.

Meeuwssen was charged with unlawful wounding.

Solicitor Skye O'Dwyer, of Buckland Allen Criminal Lawyers, told the court Meeuwssen had post traumatic stress disorder when asked about what police said was an "extreme mental episode".

Ms O'Dwyer said Meeuwssen had not yet told police his version of events.

Magistrate Mark Howden said he wanted to know more information about the victim's condition before he made a decision about bail.

He adjourned the matter until Friday to get an updated medical report for the victim because he did not know whether the victim would survive.

"I've got to assess the nature and seriousness of the offence," Mr Howden said.

Mr Howden said there was a lack of information provided to the court about the matter.

He told prosecutors to remind the arresting police officer to provide more details.

"Tell the arresting officer he might want to provide information that is a little more helpful to the court than the paragraph he's got there," Mr Howden said.

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