Man lucky to avoid prison after marijuana stash found

A HIDDEN stash of marijuana in his backpack could have seen a Maryborough man go back behind bars.

Kail John Seth Weil, 22, appeared before Maryborough Magistrates Court this week and pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing dangerous drugs.

The court heard police attended a Maryborough home in relation to another matter.

While there, the police searched Weil's backpack and found a container with marijuana inside.

Weil told the police the marijuana belonged to his girlfriend.

But he admitted to police that he had been smoking marijuana that night.

He was on parole at the time of the offence after spending time in prison earlier in the year.

Duty lawyer Natasha Schumacher said her client had almost sorted his life out and she asked that he be given the opportunity to avoid another jail term.

Ms Schumacher said Weil was set to start fulltime work and was on the brink of signing a lease on a new apartment.

She said Weil had left his backpack with his partner before the marijuana was discovered, but he acknowledged he was in possession of the substance when the backpack was searched. Magistrate John Smith said he would fine Weil on this occasion.

"But it won't happen again, I'll make it clear to you," he said.

Weil was fined $950 and a conviction was recorded.

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