The woman stole more than $2000 worth of property including power tools and also rammed the man's car in an incident at Gatton.
The woman stole more than $2000 worth of property including power tools and also rammed the man's car in an incident at Gatton. FILE

Man robbed, bashed and car rammed when a drug deal went sour

ANGERED by a drug deal gone wrong, Hayley Brown was involved in the vicious assault of a man whom she blamed for her misfortune.

An Ipswich court heard the Gatton woman stolen from the man, damaged his car and also helped another person detain and bash the victim unconscious.

Appearing in custody before Ipswich Magistrates Court, Hayley Elizabeth Brown, 33, pleaded guilty to 13 offences, including assault causing bodily harm; wilful damage; and two counts of stealing.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said between May 31 and August last year at Forest Hill, Brown stole documents, clothes, and electronics from the complainant; had unlawfully assaulted the same man on January 8; stole power tools and computer parts; and on January 24 , 2018, damaged a motor vehicle.

Brown was also charged with drug driving; possession of a taser; unlawful possession of a weapon; shortening a firearm; not having the authority to possess ammunition; and receiving tainted property.

Brown pleaded guilty to the charges.

Legal officer with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Jessica Beckman said Brown had a lengthy criminal history.

In April 2017, Brown was sentenced by the Supreme Court to three years jail with immediate parole for trafficking ice.

Ms Beckman said the matters before the court involved Brown loaning money to an associate to purchase drugs but the deal went wrong and the money was stolen.

Ms Sturgess later confirmed the loaned amount was $1800. The court heard the victim was not directly involved in the deal, but Brown held him responsible.

She stole more than $2000 worth of property from him, including power tools, and also rammed his car in an incident at Gatton. The court heard that on January 8, the victim was locked in a room and questioned for 30 minutes by an associate of Brown, before being knocked unconscious.

Ms Sturgess said the offending involved a course of conduct over several months.

"Six months after the deal had gone wrong you were still carrying a grudge," she said. "He was hit to the left side of his head by your associate. Punched to the face and rendered unconscious and taken to hospital."

Ms Sturgess sentenced Brown to nine months' jail with an additional seven days for failing to appear at court.

Brown also received lesser jail terms including six months' jail for receiving tainted property and possession of the gun; and three months for possession of the taser.

She was disqualified from driving three months.