Man threatened to slash his mother's throat over sugar

A MAN accused of sending a message to his mother that he would "cut her throat" has been remanded in custody after an angry outburst in the courtroom.

Ricky Vaughan was escorted into the dock in Rockhampton Magistrates Court by police where he entered a plea of guilty to using a carriage service to threaten a person in Yeppoon.

However, moments after entering the plea, Vaughan interrupted police prosecutor Constable Jake Ward while he was informing the court of the allegations against him, saying Vaughan sent SMS messages and left voice mails on his mother's phone.

One message from Vaughan said "bring me some f---ing sugar now ... or I'll cut your f---ing throat".

The calls and SMS messages were made on Tuesday, the court was told.

Vaughan then yelled out in court: "She has diabetes herself, your honour, so she should know what it's all about when you need sugar."

In response, magistrate Jeff Clarke ordered the matter be stood down due to Vaughan's behaviour and dispute over the incident after entering a guilty plea.

Vaughan then protested by saying: "I would not cut me mother's throat."

When his matter was adjourned to Friday, Vaughan referred to the court system as being "f---ing bulls--t".

He continued arguing with officers as they escorted him out of the dock and back to the watch-house.

Mr Clarke also ordered a mental health assessment take place.

He said he would consider dealing with Vaughan for contempt of court tomorrow due to his repeated courtroom outbursts.