Man to pay $25,000 compensation

THE SCALES of justice tipped from one extreme to the other for Anthony Luke Thorne when he was ordered to pay $25,000 criminal compensation to a man he punched outside a nightclub in 2007.

When Thorne was convicted of assault occasioning bodily harm in September 2008 he was fined $500 and a conviction was not recorded.

He had punched Brendan Slater in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.

Thorne and Slater had been introduced minutes before the assault.

They had shaken hands before 25-year-old Slater hit Thorne in the face and then walked away.

Thorne retaliated by punching Slater in the back of the head.

Slater was rushed to hospital where tests revealed he had a combination of alcohol and drugs in his system.

At the time of the conviction, Thorne pleaded guilty in the Maryborough District Court to the assault and was fined $500 by Judge Hugh Botting.

Negotiations over compensation were formalised in the Hervey Bay District Court last week, leaving Thorne $25,000 poorer.

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