Sean Hollands and his Married at First Sight bride Susan Rawlings.
Sean Hollands and his Married at First Sight bride Susan Rawlings.

MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: Glimmer of hope for Sean and Susan

IT WAS the heartbreak that shocked a nation.

But there may be a glimmer of hope for Married at First Sight's most beloved couple, Maryborough's Sean Hollands and Susan Rawlings.

Sean has admitted to the Chronicle the two were still in regular contact and were planning to visit one another when they could both get time off.

On Sunday night during the final commitment ceremony, Susan told Sean that the distance between them, and the differences in their lifestyles, meant she felt they would be better as close friends rather than continuing a relationship.

But a reunion episode was set to air on Channel 9 last night, with promos hinting that Susan may have regretted her decision to end the relationship and was missing the farmer.

Yesterday Sean remained coy when asked if a relationship was still in the offing for the two, but said he still spoke to Susan regularly.

"We're definitely still in contact," he said.

Sean said he hadn't seen Susan since the conclusion of filming, but they were planning to meet up soon.

"We haven't seen each other yet," he said.

Sean said while the experiment had finished, the two remained close friends.

"We shared a very special connection," Sean said.

The couple were one of the fan favourites on this year's series of Channel 9's reality television show Married at First Sight.

The distance between the couple, not to mention the difference in their lifestyles, had been an ongoing challenge for the two throughout the series.

While Sean enjoys life on his Maryborough farm with his horses, Susan lives in Perth close to family and friends.

With Sean unable to move due to family commitments, the onus was on Susan to move to Queensland to continue their relationship.

After the homestay in Maryborough, Susan told Sean she couldn't envision leaving her life in one of Australia's capital cities to live on the farm.

But Sean had hope when, at a recent dinner party held for the show's remaining couples, Susan said she was open to relocating for love.

"It was basically a bit of a shock when she said she would move to the farm," he said.

While he was clearly saddened after Susan made her final decision during the commitment ceremony, her choice to remain close friends rather than to continue the relationship did not shock Sean.

"We'd agreed to be friends, we had completely different lifestyles," he said.

Sean said it had been amazing to see how invested Australia was in his relationship with Susan.

He said he believed people felt so strongly because the two were there for the right reasons and were totally sincere in their feelings for one another.

"A lot of Australia has invested in our relationship," he said.

Sean said he was still in touch with many people from the show, including Cheryl Maitland, Simon McQuillan and Anthony Manton, as well as Susan.

Sean said they were still offering support to one another even though the experiment was over.

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