LOVE them or hate them, Maryborough's Mary Poppins themed traffic lights are officially here to stay.

Tradies worked into the small hours and through wet weather to have the lights installed at two intersections by yesterday morning.

It took about three hours per intersection.

A playful addition to the wharf precinct where a statue and heritage-listed home honour the birthplace and most famous work of Maryborough-born author PL Travers, the themed lights are a first for Queensland.

Mary Poppins impersonator Carmel Murdoch is overjoyed at their installation.

"It's an absolutely perfect spot; right outside the author's building," Ms Murdoch said.

"Maryborough is renowned for having these quirky things. The town is known for being quirky."

She said having the lights were the latest part of the combined package that would attract more visitors to the region.

"Visitors will be coming along to the Mary Poppins festival, or even to see the historic highlights of the town, and they'll be spending their money here," Ms Murdoch said.

Council unanimously approved the installation of five sets of lights around the Maryborough CBD in April.

While the lights, which set rate-payers back about $30,000, were not popular in all corners of the community when they were first announced, Councillor Paul Truscott is confident they will be worth every cent.

"This is a historic moment for the CBD of Maryborough... it's a permanent fixture," Cr Truscott.

"Seeing them up in reality, seeing people crossing the road... is fantastic."

The lights have arrived just in time for the Mary Poppins Festival which runs from June 23 to July 2.

Three more sets of lights are set to be installed at intersections along Kent and Adelaide Sts, Adelaide and Ellena Sts and Ellena and Lennox Sts.

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