Maryborough business to push new parking times in Wharf St

Darren Alford of Alfords Allsorts in Wharf St would like to see the parking time limit changed on some of the car spaces in the vicinity of his business to allow for more pedestrian traffic into his and surrounding shops.
Darren Alford of Alfords Allsorts in Wharf St would like to see the parking time limit changed on some of the car spaces in the vicinity of his business to allow for more pedestrian traffic into his and surrounding shops. Boni Holmes

A MARYBOROUGH business is pushing to change parking times in Wharf St after receiving eight calls in one day from customers not being able to park near the shop.

Darren Alford of Alfords Allsorts at 134 Wharf St said the parking all up and down this street does not suit the businesses.

"The parking is 2P, two hours, outside the shop,” he said.

"For instance if you were to come into this shop you would be lucky if you spent half and hour here.

"Most of the people that need to use the parking out there either come here or to the Post Office or to Morton and Morton next door.

"What the 2P parking does - and I am trying to pre-empt this because I can see what's happening with the government departments going in across the road already - people come here and park all day.”

Darren also mentioned there was one parking officer in Maryborough.

"You can't get him around here at the moment because there is no one to replace him in the three weeks he is off - this is straight from the parking office department who I have had phone calls with.

"When the workers were here they obviously had a contract working on the government buildings for three months and they were parking in spots continuously and we kept chasing them away.

"While those workers parked there our business went down 50 per cent.

"We had phone calls from customers saying they couldn't get anywhere to park - a lot of our customers are elderly

"Being a heritage area the only parking is on-street parking.”

Darren said he had spoken to Daniel Sanderson and visited all the businesses up and down this street.

"They all agree that there is a problem with parking.

"For instance down on the corner where you got Margaritas there is 2P and 4P parking, now Margaritas don't need that they need somewhere where people can pull up and grab a pizza or coffee or their takeaway food.

"I do realise there are other organisations down the street where they do need a bit longer parking but we do need some short term parking in the street to suit all the shops.

"We just want to shorten some of the parking to suit some of the businesses.

"If you want to make Maryborough survive then we have to make so the businesses can survive and aren't being killed by stupid little things like that.

"I have approached council and my next stage is to put in an application to have the parking changed for the businesses to sign it.

”Now we don't get heaps of customers in our store but to have eight customers in one day ring up and say we can't get into the store, actually make the effort to make a phone call - now that tells you something.”

Council is always interested in feedback from residents and businesses, Education, Training and City Precinct Development Portfolio Councillor Daniel Sanderson said.

"Our last review was in 2015 following the CBD Refurbishment Project and there were quite a few changes.

"Council is always trying to balance the need for short and medium term spaces for shoppers and those attending appointments at CBD businesses as well as providing spaces for CBD workers.

"I urge Mr Alford to talk with other traders in the area to present as much information as possible in a submission to change the parking regulations in that section of Wharf Street.

"Once we have the submission, Council can investigate the issue.”

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