M'boro father on trial accused of raping daughter, 8

A JURY has heard a Maryborough father of six allegedly forced his eight-year-old daughter to perform oral sex on him while her mother was away.

The trial of the 46-year-old man began on Wednesday in Maryborough District Court and will continue on Thursday.

He is charged with four counts of rape, with three of those counts alleged to have happened all on the same day.

Evidence from the alleged victim, her mother, a school friend and a police office from the Maryborough Child Protection Unit were presented to the jury yesterday.

The girl, now 10, told the court in pre-recorded evidence that her father forced her to perform oral sex on one occasion in 2012 in her brothers' bedroom.

She said he had also forced her to do the same three times on a different day in 2012 in her parent's bedroom.

A police interview with the alleged victim was also played to the jury, where police asked her to describe the last time her father made her perform oral sex.

"Because mummy left, and he was drunk,' she responded.

During the pre-recorded evidence, the alleged victim denied she made up the accusations in order to get her parents to stop arguing at home.

She said she told several friends at school about the alleged rapes during "big secret day", an event organised between her friends.

The court heard the girl's mother would leave and stay at her own mother's home during arguments with the alleged victim's father.

One school friend gave pre-recorded evidence the victim had allegedly spoken to her several times about her father forcing her to perform oral sex.

"She kept stopping and he would get angry at her," the school friend said the victim told her.

The girl's mother said her daughter told her about the alleged rapes when they were staying at the girl's grandmother's home in Hervey Bay in about November 2012.

Staff at the alleged victim's school then contacted police about the accusation in May 2013.

The court was told the alleged victim was removed from her parent's care in May 2013 and has not had any contact with the father since then.

The accused man is expected to give evidence on Thursday morning when the trial continues.

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