Maryborough shoe store installs new technology

Williams the Shoemen 2IC Krissy Byrne and cluster manager Sara Willkopp are excited for their customers to try the newly installed Foot Map.
Williams the Shoemen 2IC Krissy Byrne and cluster manager Sara Willkopp are excited for their customers to try the newly installed Foot Map. Boni Holmes

A FREE service that could have you walking on cloud nine is an innovation loyal Williams the Shoemen customers have been waiting for.

Cluster manager Sara Wittkopp said the newly installed Foot Map was very exciting.

"It is something the customers have wanted for a long time and a lot of shops haven't been able to cater for them," she said.

"We have design range from the US which comes with inbuilt orthotics which we can customise the fit and style for the customer."

The machine works by a customer walking over and standing on a mat made of hundreds of little sensors which loads information into the computer which will show where the pressure points are and tells the customer what type of support they need.

"Once we have the reading we can customise it and let the customer know what styles, what would fit better, what type of support is needed, and so on," Sara said.

"The Foot Map is only in selected stores - about 30 stores nationwide."

Sara has been training Maryborough staff.

"I have been teaching them how to give the customers information, how to use the machine properly, being able to understand what lots of different foot issues are like so understanding what exactly is plantar fasciitis and heel spurs - giving them the information so they can relate to the customer.

"We are taking the teams' training to the next level in understanding footwear a lot better."

Sara said they were getting great feedback from the customers.

"It is a game-changer especially for people who are on their feet so much," she said.

"It is helping people to find that support that they still find stylish in - and that can sometime be hard.

"Customers are liking it because the new designs can be worn everyday.

"At the end of the day if they come in for a fashion flutter that is fine but everyone has to wear work shoes or joggers or something like that - so it is giving them the information for that as well.

"When you see your customers in pain and then feeling confident on our product - it is reassuring to hear the customers satisfaction.

"You are not just changing their feet you are changing their lives."


Williams the Shoemen is located in Station Square Shopping Centre, Lennox St, Maryborough.

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