Fraser Coast mayoral candidate Chris Loft. Photo: Jocelyn Watts / Fraser Coast Chronicle
Fraser Coast mayoral candidate Chris Loft. Photo: Jocelyn Watts / Fraser Coast Chronicle Jocelyn Watts

Mayor Chris Loft's weekly letter to the Fraser Coast

THE future for our youth is a high priority for the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

We want to create an environment where our young people not only have access to the best education, facilities and opportunities but also want to stay and become long-term residents of the region because of the fantastic lifestyle and fostering of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Since becoming mayor I have heard countless politicians, business leaders and fellow councillors including myself talk about the need for job creation for our youth and this is a vital discussion that needs to be had with action being taken as soon as possible.

I believe constantly talking about creating jobs for our youth puts a limit on what they can achieve when we are living in a fantastic era where creating an income for yourself has never been easier. The conversation I want to have and the idea I want to encourage for the youth of this region is to help them create income for themselves. One little word change opens up the possibilities and therefore the opportunities rather than relying on others to make jobs they can do.

I want to encourage and foster an environment where they feel inspired, encouraged and pushed to think of income generating ideas that could potentially earn them more financial rewards than a job could offer.

With technology available to everyone these days and the ability to sell goods on your phone without the need for a shop front or even a website the options for creating income are vast and if we as a council can encourage more innovation and entrepreneurship I believe the future is exciting for the next generation growing up on the Fraser Coast.

Companies like Air BnB and Uber encourage a sharing economy and give everyday people the chance to create an income for themselves. These ideas are all about using already available things and making it easier and more accessible for customers.

I am excited to see the ideas our youth can dream up and I am sure we have the next creator of a world- changing idea right here on the Fraser Coast.

There is no shortage of people willing to help young people succeed in this area and part of the concept in our innovation hub is to help facilitate these people with mentors and advisors.

We have Golden Gurus'in our region who have immense business knowledge and are willing to share it with the youth who are coming up with new ideas and if we can combine these different generations together I am sure some amazing business ideas and income earning opportunities will be created, which is something we can all get excited about.

If you catch me saying "we need job creation” or "creating more jobs for our youth” etc. please feel free to correct me to say "we need to create income opportunities” as I want to make sure the message young people are hearing is one that highlights the opportunities available to them and that they are not limited to getting a job.

Let's change the conversation and let the ideas flow because that is how a great community prospers and with the large talent pool, passion and creativity living right here on the Fraser Coast there is no reason our youth should need to move away because of a lack of opportunity.

UPDATE: Woolooga-Sexton blaze contained, embers still burn

UPDATE: Woolooga-Sexton blaze contained, embers still burn

Firefighters continue to monitor the fire and its remnants.

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