Molly the Great Dane in the only photo the Galas’ foster children have of her.
Molly the Great Dane in the only photo the Galas’ foster children have of her.

Last hope may lie with mayor

MAYOR Mick Kruger may hold the key to saving Molly, the eight-year-old Great Dane who has been sentenced to die by the Queensland Civil Arbitration Tribunal after being accused of attacking sheep at Glendyne school in March.

Last week the Chronicle asked Mr Kruger if he could check out his power to give clemency to the dog, based on a lack of clear evidence that she had attacked the sheep.

“I certainly do not want to interfere with the legal process at this stage,” he said.

“But I will find out if I do have any authority to talk to councillors to ascertain their position on Molly’s future.

“I need to know if an appeal has been lodged since the tribunal’s decision and then we may be able to look further at this.”

Molly has only seven days left for an appeal to be lodged to save her from being euthanised.

Sarah Laikind, the barrister handling Molly’s case for her owner Frances Gala, was yesterday unable to comment but Ms Gala said: “I’ll be dropping off the $500 for Molly’s appeal to the tribunal.

“I have been in Canberra and just got back yesterday but I am more determined than ever to continue fighting for our girl’s freedom.

“I have read the tribunal transcript of evidence presented and it is very clear Molly was neither caught attacking the sheep, nor did she have blood on her when the council’s dog catchers arrived.

“She could hardly have sat down and said to herself, ‘My goodness, I must lift my paw up and wipe the blood from my face’. The other dog obviously attacked the sheep. Molly was there but she did not take part. She has never been that sort of dog.”

Ms Gala said that “Molly has now, in dog years, served more than six years in the council’s pound”.

“I believe council staff have been very good to Molly, even taking her home at nights rather than leaving her alone in a cage on a concrete floor.

“I want to thank them for that kindness.”

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