Mayor wants governments to cut red and green tape

CUTTING red tape and streamlining approvals is one of the messages Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O'Connell is taking to the Local Government Association of Queensland Regional and Economic Development Advisory Group in Brisbane on Thursday.

Cr O'Connell is the chairman of the group which is investigating ways to fire up the economies of regional Queensland.

"We know that the State and Federal Governments do not have a lot of money to splash around," he said.

"Councils have to look at other ways the state and federal governments can help us get our economies moving.

"The best way is to let us get on with the job by cutting some of the red and green tape.

"Sometimes we spend more on the investigations into projects than on the project."

Cr O'Connell said it did not mean winding back all checks and balances to allow open slather.

"I think we are enlightened enough to realise what is good and bad environmentally and economically," he said.

"We don't want to knock down every mangrove or clear every tree, but there has to be easier and quicker ways of getting approval for projects to go ahead.

"State and Federal Governments also have to recognise that they cannot continue to push responsibilities on to local government and not fund us to carry out the work."

Topics on the agenda at the Thursday meeting include improving access to digital services and prioritising the recommendations of a state-wide economic development strategy.

Cr O'Connell said he was thrilled to be the chairman of the group.

"It allows me to take the views and aspirations of regional and rural residents to the LGAQ, state and federal government," he said.

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