MAYOR'S MESSAGE: These guest speakers should inspire us all

BUILDING the fabric of our communities was the focus of the Local Government Association of Queensland conference last week.

Two of the guest speakers: Zelda la Grange, a white Afrikaans woman who became the private secretary to Nelson Mandela, and Seb Terry, who created the 100 Things to Do Movement, were inspirational.

Both showed that even though the world around them was changing, and in Zelda's case changing radically, they could be active participants in that change.

Zelda's message was that we grow ourselves by genuinely giving to others, and I encourage everyone to follow their lead. I think that is something we can all work towards in our quest to build better communities.

Seb Terry has created a worldwide movement for people to undertake random acts of kindness and to do things for others - sometimes complete strangers.

As mayor, I like to refer to the region as the Family Friendly Fraser Coast.

I think that while the world around us is in disarray, we are Australia's friendliest community.

But imagine what the region would look like if we all created a bucket-list of things to do for others?

While the talks were very moving and motivational, they started me thinking about ways to encourage more people to aspire to Zelda's and Seb's ideals.

There is no doubt many residents give back to the community through a multitude of service clubs, sporting clubs and volunteer groups.

And we should celebrate their efforts.

One way to do that is to nominate a community stalwart for a Fraser Coast Australia Day Award or join them.

Another way is to attend the speech nights, award presentations and Australia Day celebrations.

We are all a part of the community and have a role to play in ensuring that the Fraser Coast it is a vibrant, caring community.

I have no doubt in my mind that if we can aspire to be like Zelda and Seb in our compassion for others, we will continue on our journey to build better communities for the Fraser Coast.

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