Chris Loft is sick of the complaints.
Chris Loft is sick of the complaints. Alistair Brightman

MAYOR'S MESSAGE: Time to put complaints behind us

AFTER seeing the Local Government Minister become frustrated with the number of complaints coming from our council I must say I agree completely.

Some individuals have been focused on making frivolous (little or no weight) and vexatious (time wasting) complaints rather than focusing on doing things to better the community and our council.

I am calling on all councillors and members to stop with the complaints and move forward toward a united and robust future where we focus on making the best decisions for our constituents.

Whilst the past has been horrific, there is still much more truth to be revealed of how bad the toxic and bullying culture and other issues within our council had become over recent years.

We now have a fresh opportunity to start again with a new chief executive officer next week.

All Councillors unanimously voted for this CEO for the role to help rebuild our community and our council.

This rebuild will be on a foundation of truth and open communication with the community.

Obviously not every decision can be made publicly but I believe that when it comes to the handling of ratepayers' money we need to be as open, accountable and honest with the people who pay our wages about how we spend their money.

I will continue to fight to make our council more open, honest and accountable with the community because that is what they demand and that is what they deserve.

I want to publicly thank Mr Rob Pyne and whomever was brave enough to put forward the public interest disclosure because until everyone within the Fraser Coast Regional Council acknowledges how bad things had become we cannot move forward to becoming an empowered organisation.

For all councillors, state and federal members of parliament let's all shift our focus from complaints to community and organisation because they are the ones we are elected to represent and they deserve our full attention.

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