Buccaneer Shaun Mitchell.
Buccaneer Shaun Mitchell. TAHLIA STEHBENS

McKean is in for the long haul

FOOTBALL: New Wide Bay Buccaneers interim coach Kieran McKean says he will stay for as long as he is needed.

McKean took the helm as the coach on Saturday, and the side provided its most competitive hit-out of the season so far in the Football Queensland Premier League.

The Buccaneers still lost, this time 4-1 to Logan, but it was the lowest loss margin all season.

The side also conceded one goal in the second half, the least in any half they have played so far.

McKean said after a tumultuous week at the club with the sacking of Tim Lunnon, he was proud of what the side put on the park.

"We've asked the guys to lift themselves, to take on the challenge that is ahead of ourselves,” he said.

"I think we saw tonight that our senior men have done exceptionally well.”

McKean said the team was now training three times a week to lift its standard.

He took over as coach after guiding the under-20 team for the first three games of the season.

McKean revealed that while the club looked for a new coach, he would help the Buccaneers to get them to the top.

"As long as I'm needed, that's what I'll be doing with the help of Steve Bates and also Ben Brookfield,” he said.

The Wide Bay Buccaneers play Peninsula Power at 6pm on Saturday.

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