Beach House Hotel, Scarness.
Beach House Hotel, Scarness. Tracey Joynson

Love Australia or Leave refused entry at second Bay venue


THE Beach House Hotel has responded to inflammatory comments left on its Facebook site after a decision was made to refuse entry to an anti-Islamist political party.

General manager Paul Robins said it was a business decision, not a political one, to refuse the Love Australia or Leave Party from holding a meeting in its bar.

A Beach House Hotel Facebook status explaining the decision had attracted about 99 responses by yesterday afternoon, many of them inflammatory.

Mr Robins said management were now considering shutting the post down.

"We don't want to get involved in this sort of thing," he said.

The pub was publicly listed as a meeting point by the group before permission from management was granted.

While the threat of protestor disruptions weighed heavily on the decision made, Love Australia or Leave party leader Kim Vuga said it was an unlikely scenario.

"I knew that there would not be an issue with protesters in the Hervey Bay region," she said.

She said "more multicultural" places like Sydney and areas with university students, such as Newcastle, tended to attract rallies opposed to the party, which defines itself as patriotically anti-Islamic.

But being refused entry is nothing new for the party.

The group was stopped from entering the Hervey Bay RSL after its members travelled there from outside the Beach House Hotel on Saturday, Ms Vuga said.

Hervey Bay RSL general manager Jason Lynch said the group was called earlier on Saturday morning and told they could not hold their meeting a the club.

He said he was concerned about staff safety.

Ms Vuga said all future group meetings would be publicly listed.

She said future meetings would be held outside of premises if they were refused entry on arrival.

They will return in June.



THE Beach House Hotel has hit back at the Love Australia or Leave Party which criticised the venue for not allowing them to hold a political meeting.

The venue's management told officials from the right wing party, they would not support a gathering at the Beach House because they did not agree with the party's views.

"The duty manager made it clear that it was not okay and that we did not support their views," The Beach House Hotel general manager Paul Robins said.

"It's just that you can't have these types of political meetings at the venue."

Love Australia or Leave was founded by Kim Vuga who was a controversial cast member of SBS reality show Go Back to Where You Came From.

Ms Vuga has previously told media she was proudly "anti-Islam".

Mr Robins said the hotel did not want their business associated with Love Australia Or Leave.

Despite the clear no, organisers put out flyers advertising a "drinks meeting" at the Beach House.

The flyers stated the group would meet at the hotel in the afternoon before moving on to another undisclosed venue.

Mr Robins said the group was free to meet outside as long as it was not on the Beach House premises including the car park.

He said he did not think a majority of the Fraser Coast community would welcome the party.

Ms Vuga contacted the Chronicle yesterday to complain the Beach House Hotel was not allowing them to have their meeting in the pub.

"We are not holding any political talks there," she said.


She insisted the party would not be holding a meeting there, but was only using the pub as a meeting place prior to moving to the real venue.

"Now we all have to wait out the front for about half-an-hour for people to meet up," she said.

Ms Vuga declined to say where the gathering would move onto after the initial meeting point.

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