Member of public saw 'signs of croc' at Tiaro

A CONCERNED member of the public called the Department of Environment and Science after seeing markings on the bank of the Mary River that looked like a crocodile had been in the area.

A spokesman from the department said the area had been monitored, but no crocodile sighting had been officially confirmed.

The sighting was reported at Tiaro on August 22.

It wasn't the first time a crocodile sighting had been reported in the small township.

In June 2015, a crocodile was captured on camera when Tiaro Landcare was monitoring the nesting behaviour of white-throated snapping turtles in the Mary River at Pioneers Rest.

Two images of the reptile were captured in the river near Tiaro's Petrie Park.

Tiaro Landcare president Marilyn Connell at the time said it was a surprise to see something other than turtles in the footage.

The environmental group sent the images to the Department of Environment and Science, which confirmed the crocodile sighting.

It was the first crocodile to be officially spotted at Tiaro since the 1960s.

The Fraser Coast is within Zone F of the Queensland Crocodile Management program.

It is considered an atypical habitat zone, outside the normal areas for crocodiles.

Zone F includes all waterways south of the Boyne River.

Any crocodile found in Zone F is automatically targeted for removal, regardless of size or behaviour.

Members of the public can report crocodile sightings by calling 1300130372.

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